Stainless Steel Range

Click on the configurations below to see the sinks and bowls available in Project Mid Range, Project European Range and European Top Range.

Project Mid Range

18/10 304 Grade Japanese Quality Stainless Steel

  • Extra thick up to 1mm Stainless
  • Solid and Robust 2 piece welded bowls for stronger construction
  • 90mm Waste & Plug for waste disposer and easy water release
  • Rolled and Laser Edge
  • Lifetime Warranty
Valore PU15

An excellent, attractive, practical and well designed range of quality, extra thick stainless steel sinks. Designed to meet the needs of the economy conscious project while maintaining beautiful design styling and strong robust sinks. It provides a lifetime of durable service in your kitchen. The Valoré ingenious flat, laser sink edge is also perfect for under-mounting the sink to create that perfect, flush, easy clean surface. 

Project European Mid Range

Quality Management System applied in line with ISO 9001:2000 and CE quality standards.  

18/10 304 Grade Quality Stainless Steel

  • 90mm Basket Waste & Plug for waste disposer and easy water release.  
  • Rolled Edge
  • Accessories suited to the bowl sizes
  • Lifetime Warranty

The Valoré mid project & DIY range of designed sinks provide a great range of sink and drainer combinations.
These sinks are ideally suited to people seeking a sleek, styled sink at a more affordable price. They are excellent for everyday use and for entertaining family and friends. Suited for all occasions, they look glamorous and beautiful in any kitchen or laundry. 

German Stainless Top Range

18/10 304 Grade German Quality Stainless Steel

  • 2 Piece Welded Bowls for stronger construction
  • 90mm Basket Waste & Plug for waste disposer and easy water release.
  • Rolled and Laser Edge
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Computer Engineered and Polished for consistency

Valoré is proud to present this traditional and deluxe range of quality sinks. Superb timeless, traditional European styling, these beautiful designs boast practical sizing. From mini size, to medium size and Super jumbo size sinks with larger capacity bowls perfect for the quality modern, designer and traditional New Zealand kitchen.

The Traditional series is a sink range ideally suited for the quality joiner, kitchen studio, kitchen designer, discerning home owner and entertainer requiring a well designed, quality engineered sink. These are suitable for tough every day family use, looking beautiful and glamorous when entertaining special family and friends and also for that special occasion.

EMAS Certificate

Environmentally Friendly
Eco-logical Preservation

ISO 14001 Certificate

Recyclable Stainless Steel
Protection of the Environment

ISO 9001 Certificate

High Standard Quality for Products


Premium Square Ranges

18/10 304 Grade Japanese Stainless Steel

  • Efficient Water Draining for Fluted Angle Bowls  
  • Undercoat Heat Absorption and Sound Deadening Insulation Pad.
  • 90mm Basket Waste & Plug for waste disposer and easy water release.
  • 1.2mm Thick Stainless
  • 12-15mm Radius Corners and 225mm Deep Bowls
  • Lifetime Warranty

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